Increasing in market value!

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Increasing in market value!

Post  Colin49 on Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:29 am

Today, commercial and residential property, with an international look is more in demand. Hence, a property with a dilapidated look and that is not on the wanted list. Realizing this, builders are giving their constructions a grand look. Commercial property with a high-tech look is in demand in all big cities and the culture is catching up with small cities. Facilities like twenty four hours power back up, fire fighting and security systems are inclusive. These facilities and amenities have to be included to increase the market value of a property in today’s world. Commercial property has steadily gained importance with substantial increase in benefits. In fact it is so lucrative that even foreign citizens have entered the commercial property business. However, the investment from foreigners is subject to a few conditions before they can get involved in the real estate in India. Besides payment legalities, letting out of property and repatriation have to be adhered to as per the RBI guidelines by the non resident Indians.

To attract more people into the residential real estate sector, the house buyers are being given immediate discounts by Builders for sale, for spot bookings. Moreover, customers are also taken to the site by vehicles to allow the client to check the house thoroughly if he needs to purchase it. A number of banks have also jumped on the bandwagon now to facilitate the home buyers. Several banks such as ICCI, HDFC etc offer special interest rates if the loan is taken on the spot!


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