Wentworth Gardens Upton Rocks, Widnes, No Mortgage Required (£7,000)

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Wentworth Gardens Upton Rocks, Widnes, No Mortgage Required (£7,000)

Post  DannyInman on Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:31 pm

Call or text Danny on 07843 660 778 for a no obligation chat

An up front payment of ONLY £7000. Start to work/save towards owning your own home for this little amount.

A BRAND NEW 2 BED APPARTMENT in the stylish development and very sought after area of Wentworth Gardens, Upton Rocks in Widnes.

Ideal for commuters to local Manchester and Liverpool with easy access to all major motorways within the North West.

You can move in now and buy later through our fantastic rent to buy scheme!

Do you dream of getting on the housing ladder but cannot obtain a mortgage or save the huge deposits that lenders require?
Fed up of paying purposeless rent each and every month?

Then our Rent-to-Buy scheme is the answer.....

Let us tell you how it works:

Agreed price of £124,995 (below stamp duty threshold) on completion of the option.
• We require around 5-6% of agreed sale price at the outset = £7000 approx.
• You will pay your monthly rent plus a “top-up fee”.
• This fee will vary between £150-200pcm.
Taking £200 as an example over a 5 year option.
5 years x 12 months x £200 payments = 5 x 12 x 200 = £12,000

• Total paid off agreed price after 5 years = 7000 +£12,000 = £19,000
• Taking 15% as a typical deposit requirement in 5 years time:
£124,995 x 15% = £18,750
Therefore you will have enough deposit to take over the mortgage as your own at this point.

No mortgage is required until the point in which the option is complete (2015) but you are entitled to buy at any time you choose.

The Purchase price is fixed from the outset, any growth beyond this price is your own.

This is not a shared ownership or Housing Association scheme.

Legally approved solicitor contacts.

An ideal scheme for those that are:

* First Time buyers that are struggling to get on the housing market.
* Struggling to find the large deposits.
* Renting currently but looking for a way to own your own home.
* Have damaged credit and cannot raise finance.
* New to the UK.

If the Rent-to-Buy scheme interests you but on other property types or areas please contact us. We have an continual intake of properties available to you on this exciting option. Laughing Laughing


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