No Mortgage Deposit Needed | Mortgage Deposit Paid Properties

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No Mortgage Deposit Needed | Mortgage Deposit Paid Properties

Post  vincedaw on Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:59 pm


Founded in 2003 No Deposit Mortgage are a company of UK landlords located in Cardiff, South Wales with over 70 years experience in the property markets, and who have built individual property portfolios using a unique self funding buying method, this method designed specifically for first time buyers with no savings, will be revealed free of charge and used to purchase your first home without the need for a deposit, after registration.

The companies friendly helpful staff are landlords themselves who will guide and encourage all members to become owners of multi UK properties, providing long term financial stability, this should lead to becoming mortgage payment free within a couple of years, which has been the case for the companies founders, delivering much needed security in this day and age.

The company will provide any member, subject to terms and conditions, wishing to purchase a property with a gifted deposit, this deposit must be used to purchase the property that is to become a first home for the member, the method used is legal and satisfactory to all high street banks and mortgage lenders that require a deposit.

To qualify simply visit our website at: and register, you will need to be employed/self employed and in receipt of an income, you must fill out the online application form honestly and have a credit rating that will enable you to obtain a mortgage loan.


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