Promoting the natural through building

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Promoting the natural through building

Post  karmac on Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:03 am

It is a good sign that man today is concerned about the atmosphere in which he is living. With the immense industrialization in the nook and corner of the world, which is extending its roots towards the villages too, it has become hard to get some pure and fresh air for even breathing. The atmosphere thus full of chemicals has become hazardous to the living beings as a whole. With the industries thus coming over, is thus leading to the deforestation and thus even diminishing the least hope for a healthy atmosphere to dwell. It is true of a fact that the trees provide a beautiful, cool and healthy atmosphere, but the absence of the same will affect in the converse way too, because nature never has a substitute to put forward.

It is now at this late stage that man is concerned about the preservation of nature. It can also be a part of his hidden empathy and love towards the nature as well. Man should always be aware of the fact that he too is a part of the nature and has no right to destroy the same, since it is no ones entrepreneurship and if thus owned is only equally by all living beings rather than man himself. The overall death rate has increased and though a gradual process, changes are visible in the shaking of the equilibrium between the birth rate and death rate, w3hich is only due to the unnecessary encroachment of human beings into the strategies set by nature.

Today man seems to have become more matured as besides planting trees and maintaining vegetation many advanced steps have been promoted by them to conserve nature. The seeds for the same have already been sown at the fertile ground of Washington DC in the form of green buildings. For a Green Building Washington DCis the best place for the implementation as it will get a worldwide attraction being in such a prestigious city and the idea can easily percolate among the people irrespective of the man made boundaries. Thus through the green homes not only a new strategy but the promotion of the nature itself is being done.


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