The right to information on housing and development

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The right to information on housing and development

Post  Huston on Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:10 pm

It is very important to bring out the role and impact of housing in the development process.  Information on aspects like generation of employment, skill formation in different trades, utilization of indigenous resources, contribution to economic growth and social development, protection of environment and ecological balance, energy conservation, etc., are matters of far reaching consequences in which housing and urban development are intimately inter-linked.
There is a large clientele for this type of information.  Almost all the leading builders are the main recipients of this information.  They normally invest millions of rupees into a single real estate project.  Therefore, they cannot allow a project failure after sinking so much money sourced from different lending institutions.  In recent times, even the possibility of a particular area coming under the seismic zone is being evaluated. 
In order to appreciate the utility of such information, it should be comprehensive, multi-dimensional and specifically reveal the wider ramifications.  Regarding survey and resurvey of land, the records are mainly available with the government.  The utility of this information rests on the fact that it helps to understand the history of the landed property and the use to which it has was put to in the past.  When a landed property is sold as dry land, actually, it may be marshy or wetland filled up with hard soil.  Only by analyzing the survey records will it become possible to develop a safe durable design for the building to be constructed on such lands.
In recent times, the leading builders are also using the information from satellites and other sources for incorporating newer design concepts.  Thus when developing Real Estate Kerala state as a whole offers many opportunities and significant challenges.  The topography of the state differs much from district to district.


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