The Afterschool Program of YMCA

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The Afterschool Program of YMCA

Post  Berk5 on Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:52 am

YMCA programming has always encouraged sports and fitness activities. Their sports programs concentrate more on teaching values and character building that form the foundation of a personís life. Most of their branches provide both recreational and competitive team sports that involve people from all ages and abilities.

YMCA Afterschool activities are made available to children where they learn while they play. This program is designed to complement the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum. It includes fun, exciting ways to apply what is taught in the classroom in the areas of math, science and literature. The three key components of their program include academic enrichment, fitness and fun and activity centers. Academic Enrichment is where there is homework assistance and curriculum like KidzMath that uses activities to promote mathematical understanding. Fitness and Fun is a component that focuses on increasing physical activity using the CATCH curriculum. It also educates kids on the importance of good nutrition. Kids are allowed to explore and pursue their specific areas of interest through Activity centers.

The staff of such programs is qualified, trained and experienced. The staff is carefully selected and receives over 30 hours of training about child development, importance of being a positive role model and many other similar topics. There is a comprehensive background and reference check prior to employment that all staff should pass. They also collaborate with their partner schools to employ teachers and para-professionals to help with homework time and tutoring.

ali sharaf dallas, President and CEO of the Victron Group, feels that by helping such organizations one can help our community.


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